Websites and portals


Interesting and relevant content, good functionality and appealing design - this is our home ground.


A website is often the initial entry point to your business, so it should be welcoming, engaging, informative, and well designed. Itera partners with many leading CMS platforms and has the understanding to know which solution will suit you best. We can build the right experience for your brand whether you are meeting the world on a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

For companies that need a more complex solution, Itera provides web portal development. Web portals integrate many different sources of information with a single web-based application. This service is most useful for businesses that cater to numerous market segments; bring together and distribute large amounts of information; or need a solution that goes beyond the scope of a conventional website. 

Mobile apps

Our dedicated and experienced teams provide mobile application management to improve the stability and efficiency of mission-critical applications. We offer mobile app development for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. 

Mobile apps—a valuable option in today's mobile-rich environment—can address a variety of business needs:

  • Mobilize traditional marketing
  • Increase productivity
  • Build brand awareness and increase sales
  • Monitor and measure promotional performance
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and build relationships
  • Move services closer to the end customer

Intranets and collaboration

A good intranet provides access to expertise, strengthens social ties, builds a culture and provides tools. All in a simple, user-oriented and effective manner. A good intranet simply makes it easier to be an employee. We deliver everything from A to Z.

The employee's expertise represents a huge value to the company. When expertise is shared, this value vastly increases. We develop smart solutions for collaboration across disciplines and throughout the organisation. Search, version processing, document management and improving efficiency are good keywords.

Self-service solutions

Self-service solutions reduce the distance between the end user and the business systems. We build good user experiences by documenting your customers' journey. Which tasks, transactions and information are worthwhile letting customers manage themselves? How can we give them an experience of increased efficiency and individual customer service? We have experience with a range of frameworks and platforms.


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