Do you need better collaboration, first-class availability and simplified work processes in your organisation? Do you want to enable your colleagues to work with Microsoft Office tools that are always up-to-date, no matter what device they choose to use? Your answer to these questions is probably yes, but this is not always as easy as it might seem.


Cloud strategy – your tool for success

There are very many possibilities associated with using cloud services, but there are also many pitfalls to consider. What happens when users want to use their own devices? Can all your data be transferred to the cloud securely, and is it possible to integrate all the business-critical systems you already use?

We have the necessary experience and can help you develop a strategy for using cloud services. We review and assess your systems so we can make recommendations about which solutions best suit your organisation.

Fast, cost-effective and flexible with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft's Azure platform offers a whole host of benefits in relation to everything from infrastructure and storage to software services. For example, using Microsoft Azure from Itera means the infrastructure you need can be ready on day one, which allows developers to start working on your new web portal without any unnecessary delay. You only pay for the capacity and storage space you use, and you can easily scale your usage if your needs change. Scalability and flexibility reduce the time it takes from having an idea to its launch, meaning you can achieve your goals more quickly. [Learn more about what Azure could mean for your business.]

Users are the focus with Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online

We tailor our delivery models to your requirements. Using Software as a Service (SaaS) gives you cost-effective solutions where you only pay for the actual number of users you have. With Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online, you give your employees access to always-up-to-date tools that enable them to collaborate efficiently wherever they are. We can help you with migrating your existing content and integrating Microsoft Office 365 with your existing software infrastructure.

DevOps: Operations + Development = A Great Combination

Itera is a reliable operations partner. We are constantly improving to deliver the latest that technology has to offer. Using cloud services from Itera in combination with our other services makes the collaboration needed between development and operations even simpler, closer and quicker. Thanks to the unique way we combine communication and technology, we are a long-term partner for your IT needs.

A Norwegian cloud?

We know you are concerned about issues such as privacy, availability, functionality and compliance, so why not let us look at these issues with you? We can assess your needs in relation to legislation such as the Norwegian ICT Regulations and the Personal Data Act. If you need to store sensitive data within Norway, a hybrid solution might be right for you.

Our skilled developers, testers, communication specialists and consultants can develop and adapt cloud services to suit your needs. Regardless of the solution that is best suited to your organisation, we provide 24/7 support in both Norwegian and English to ensure your services work as they should.

We ensure your cloud services are a success!